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A curator at heart, I’m fascinated with global art and fueled by forward-thinking design that supersedes trends. A Los Angeles native, I was lucky to be raised around a myriad of cultures and creative influences. I started my career working in advertising studios for clients such as Acura, Apple, Patrón, Pepsi, Visa, and Whole Foods Market. My advertising background is in layout design, typography, styling, and handcrafting installation pieces.  


I often turn to imagery to express myself, and when designing, I found mood boards extremely helpful for relaying ideas to vendors. I’ve been collecting images for over 10 years and have a unique curated selection of images to pull from. Aside from graphic work, I thrive when creating with my hands, styling, and doing research. From these interests, Aepret was born. Aepret is a portmanteau word blending aesthetic and interpretation. My objective is to gather information about my clients’ aesthetics and then translate their preferences into graphic design. With a depth of knowledge in the wedding, commercial, and lifestyle spaces, I bring a diverse understanding to our discussions as partners and an approachable and energetic design plan to your clients.

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My Clients


Lisa Vorce Co.
Christian OTH Studio
42 North
Emily Coyne
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